Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Part of my vision!!

I was thinking about trials and I had a little thought.  I while back a minister in our church was up talking and he said that you can build a wall around yourself so tight that even God can't get in there to try you.  I know we all know that God can do anything that He wants; but as I was thinking about it today this thought dropped in my head.  You have to OPEN yourself up to be tried.  We all say I want to change and I want to overcome my nature; but really...how do you do that?  You have to go through things that teach you.  They burn some of that nature out.  You have to LEARN to overcome some things by experiences you go through.  I wish that it could all be accomplished by just having a desire to; but I think that even in that if you really have a TRUE desire to change then you will open all the windows and throw wide every door as the song says!!  Saying (and I have never said this) "OK Lord...you said that your grace was sufficient; let me have it!!"  I don't think you really have to say that.  You just have to be able to look at every situation that you go through and find God in it.  Bro. Brown said this weekend. When you are going through something do your very best to find something good that can come of it.  I agree.  Ask yourself some of these questions...What can you learn from the situation that you're in?  Is it something that you have gone through time and time again?  Is there a way of escape?  Is there something that you can do different in this situation?  Is there a level of higher ground that you can find?  Even if the Lord didn't CAUSE your situation He can use it to teach us.  Even in that...is there something I have done that has caused the place I'm in?  Can I do it different next time? 

These are things I have been thinking about today.  I really want to make it.  I don't think that these are just words to me anymore.  I actually believe that it is possible...FOR ME!!!  The Lord has given us the Holy Ghost, the Bible, the ministry; and His people as tools for our salvation.  I really believe that if I will learn to use them in the right way I CAN make the Bride.  It's not just something that I have been taught all my life.  It's not just a glorious bedtime story.  It is REALITY!!!  We have been given the opportunity to make the Bride of Christ!!  Praise the Lord!!!  Halleluia!!!!

We have a wonderful Savior!!!
He's on His throne!!
He will never forsake us!!
Nor leave us alone!!
He gave a wonderful promise!!
He can not fail!!!
And by His spirit

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