Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hearing His Voice

Sometimes as a momma I wonder if anything I say about the Lord is even soaking into my kids...escpecially since they are so small. Tonight after I prayed with the girls Sophia says very quietly...Mommy I feel Jesus talking to me...I said you do? She got very embarrased; but I told her baby that's so good. You don't have to be embarrased...Jesus talks to those that He loves. If you can hear Him ...that means He loves you very much!! Fought back tears on this one. As I thought about it later I thought sometimes I get so down and wonder Lord do you even know who I those times if I can still hear His voice...I can be assured that He loves me very much. Thank you Lord for speaking to me tonight through my precious baby girl and thank you again for beginning to reveal yourself to my baby girl.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I turned on the t.v. tonight and I listened as the news anchor began to fill my mind with thoughts of the end and "signs of the times".  I felt this thought come into my mind "Time is moving so fast out there...I have so much to do...will I even have time to finish all the Lord has required of me..."  I thought about all the things I fail in and how that sometimes it seems that when I take one step forward I take two steps back.  Something I have been struggling with lately. 
Then a sweet thought entered my mind..."but the Lord loves you...that's what His mercy is for...if you'll keep going HE will make sure that enough opportunities present themselves that you will be able to finish your course." 
I get so discouraged when I fail sometimes that I just give up.  What is it in my nature that causes me to not be able to take it one step at a time?  I can think of a million reasons; but they don't seem to hold much water.
I KNOW what to do...I HAVE the Holy Ghost...I DO see what the Lord is doing right now; but what is it about me that keeps my feet from moving sometimes. 
Why is it so clear sometimes and others I just can't see past the fog?
Lord, I need you.  I can't do this on my own.  I can't MAKE myself serve you in the flesh...I need something out of this world to even put one foot infront of the other.  I don't have the ability to overcome and to lay down the desires of the flesh...but you do!!!  You have the ability to make me what I ought to be.  You have the ability to change my very thinking.  You can put down and raise up.  You can help me turn from my wicked ways never to pick them up again.  I know that it takes a commitment on my part and a willing heart.  It takes chosing you EVERYTIME I come across a situation and not myself.  It takes effort.  It takes consistancy (which I have a struggle with). 
If I make it, it will be because of YOU. 
Lord because of you. 

Change me OH GOD from the creature that I am...

Lord purify my heart...

Don't give up on me yet...

If you'll take one step He'll take two...