Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dancing for the Lord

I remember someone speaking a few services back about getting your children comfortable feeling the Spirit of the Lord so that they would never be afraid of it. 

We were watching a DVD of one of the services this week and they were playing Looking for a City.  My girls were hopping and dancing all around the living room.  As I was watching them and thinking about them being comfortable with the Holy Ghost I thought why not practice here?  So I went and got their hands and we started dancing and praising the Lord together.  Don't get me one fell out in the Spirit that day; but whose to say that one day they wont.  I have had plenty of experiences with the Lord in my home and who's to say that they can't have their own as well?  I even remember hearing of several people getting the Holy Ghost in their own homes.  I would love for the Spirit of the Lord to dwell in our home always so that whenever they need or want to they can touch the Lord. 

I enjoyed dancing in our living room with my girls.  Another memory to cherish.

Lord I Want to Go

Since Sophia was old enough to relate to music and actually understand songs she has loved the son "Lord I Want to Go, Keep showing me the way...".  When she first started singing it she would clap and say "GO" ... "WAY".  It was adorable.  The other night in church they began to play that song and she sat on the edge of her seat.  Pretty soon I looked down and she was clapping and singing along word for word.  I must admit that some pride crept into my heart.  I know that she also loves to sing "The Wheels on the Bus" etc... but to hear her singing church songs does something for my soul!!  I am so thankful for this. 

To top it all off the other night she was standing in our living room clapping and singing so I decided to go to the piano and play along with her.  We played and sang it several times together while Maya danced in the background.  I could feel the Lord fill my heart with gratitude for the mercy he has shown me and my family.  He didn't have to; but He did.  I hope and pray that she always has a love for this people and this way; and that she gets planted so deep that no winds can shake her out.