Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's Time Make Up Your Mind (DW 8-3-2013)

It’s Time, Make Up Your Mind


The battle’s mine David cried as giants roamed the land.

Your sword and shield wont help you win when with me the Lord doth stand.

So in HIS hands I’ll place my trust and yield to His command.

When God Himself fights for you, you gain the upperhand.


The battle is the Lord’s today, with weapons that are His.

When He begins to fight for us, the enemy is stilled.

If we will trust and hold our ground, theLord will win the fight.

Gird up your strength, dig in your heals, let Him be your delight.


A cry goes forth from a conquering band, THE BATTLE IS THE LORD’S!!

We have to put our trust in Him, and HE is our reward!!

If we will wait and serve the Lord, and let Him have our hand.

We will see what God can do, and with them we can stand!!


PRAISE THE LORD!!!  HALLELUJAH!!!  Victory is ahead!!

Battle’s come and battle’s go, Let Jesus be your head!!

With Him in front and you behind, Sweet peace you’re sure to find!!

The battle’s HIS to fight today, so it’s time, make up your mind!!!
DW 8-3-2013