Sunday, September 26, 2010

Funny & Sweet Things...

Last Weekend I was getting really blessed during church and had Maya on my lap...I would holler and rock back and forth and she would giggle.  It was so hard to stay in the spirit and eventually I gave up.  I opened my eyes and there she sat staring and grinning from ear to ear.  Gotta Love that.

My daughter Sophia and I are so much alike in our temperaments that we tend to clash a lot of the time; but I have been working on our relationship and the other day she looked at me and said mommy "I like you".  Made me feel all gooey inside.  She craves my attention and I am trying to do better about laying my work down and hugging my child.

Sophia loves to talk and Maya loves to feel a part of the conversation...The other day we were driving and Sophia was trying to tell me a story and at the top of her lungs Maya starts jabbering off something no one can understand yet.  Sophia would get louder and Maya would to.  I don't think we ever were able to finish that story; but instead we all had a good laugh.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Heart Melted

Tonight as Sophia and I said our prayers I noticed that she was mumbling and moving her hands.  As I listened closer I realized she was praying and signing.  She was praying for her Mamaw and Mom and Dad etc... and every time that she would say their name she would sign it.  I stopped praying myself to listen to her and she got embarrassed.  I told her it was ok she could keep praying; but she shook her head no, so I hugged her and said AMEN. Talk about things that melt your heart.
I often wonder what it will be like to watch her give her heart to the Lord.   What will it be like to hear her speak in tongues for the first time.  If I am there for any of those events I am sure that I will feel the same sense of thankfulness that I felt tonight.  God is so good and faithful.
More than anything, I want my children to give their lives to the Lord.  I want them to know the same joy and peace and comfort that I experience everyday.  I want them to have that close PERSONAL relationship with Him.  So that they know that He is there for them whenever they call.
I know that there is mercy laid up for families by past generations that have dedicated their lives to the Lord; but I want to do my part to show them the way.  I want to allow the Lord to take such control of my life that my children can call me blessed.  I want them to look at my life and God's handiwork.  I know that they will see my faults; but I want them to be able to say she had this wrong; but look at how she allowed the Lord to change that.  Look how He made something beautiful out of her life.
Help me Lord to show forth mercy, and love, and kindness to my children.  Help me to help them see Jesus in me.     

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Dinner cooked...check.
Family stuffed...check.
Kids bathed...check.
Kitchen clean...check.
Family asleep...check.
Peace and quiet...check check.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In My Daughter's Eyes

Someday I hope that I will be worthy of the love that I see in my two daughter's eyes.  I know that sometimes I will have to see hurt, disappointment, and even anger in those eyes; but I hope that there is joy there more often than not.  I know that I have a long way to becoming a good mother and I pray everyday that even when I mess up the Lord helps me not to do anything that will cause a lasting scar to their lives.  They are my life. 
I love you girls!!