Sunday, May 1, 2011

In My Father's Eyes

Today as I watched my girls run in to show their Daddy their new Easter dresses I remembered something I heard a long time ago...

"Inside every woman is a little girl who still wants to look pretty for her daddy."

As I thought about this I thought how true.  The power to shape my daughter's very self-esteem rests in this one little scenario.  At that very moment he has the opportunity to teach them so much. 

As they twirl he exclaims with all the enthusiasm he can muster..." look SO pretty"! 
To which both little girls beam and smile...knowing deep down inside that their Daddy thinks they are beautiful.  It matters not what anyone else may say because at that moment their Daddy is their whole world!! 

I thought about myself...

I was 28 or 29 years old and I walked into church in an outfit I wasn't sure looked right on me.  Even married with 2 children.  My Dad saw me as I walked in and said "My, doesn't that outfit look nice on you".  Even at my age I walked a little bit taller. 

I also thought about my husband...

Now instead of needing my Dad's approval as much (I still do need it) I now look to my husband for that little extra assurance that I am OK.  Still when I get dressed I walk in an ask my husband if I look alright.  Sometimes I get a half hearted  "you look fine"; but then there are those occasions when I get the double take ;o) 

I agree with the above every woman there is a little girl looking for approval. 

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