Monday, June 11, 2012

No Greater Love

This weekend the songs "LOVE" & "No Greater Love" were sung in church and as I listened to it the Lord began to deal with me. 

I had found myself (and I am ashamed to say) comparing my life to other people's lives. 
I actually drove down the road thinking to myself...(no other way to say it; but just to say it) how did I get myself attatched to a man that doesn't like to go go go when I would go go go all the time...and on and on. 

As the song began I actually chuckled to myself at the simplistic answer the Lord began to give me. 

"No greater love hath any man than this
That he would lay down his life for a friend
He laid down His life for us
Now His life abides in us
And together we can dwell in His love"

Can you see how the Lord was talking to me yet?

There is no greater love that I can give to my family than to lay my life down for it.  MY hopes...MY wants...MY ideas...MY desires...those are the life that I can lay down for my husband. 

How does this seem possible?  I may not have the strength to do this!!  But Lord I WANT...I WANT...I WANT...What is the Lord's answer to this?

"He laid down His life for us, now His life abides in us..."

If I can lay down my life for my friend, and use the Holy Ghost to help me find contentment in that, then we can dwell together in HIS love!!! 

So simple :0)