Thursday, January 16, 2014


All my life I have watched people.  What do I mean by that?  I have watched my parents...I have watched my aunts and uncles...I have watched our ministry...I have watched the saints in our church.  I have watched how they acted...I have watched what they respond to...I have watched and watched and watched.  Today I was I get older I am seeing those people that I have watched all my life begin to pass away.  I am watching how they go through their different situations...constantly learning. 
What will I do if suddenly one day I look up and all those people that I have watched are no longer there and suddenly I am the one that is being watched?  Have I watched enough?  Have I listened enough? Do my footsteps line up with theirs as they did their best to line their footprints up with Christ?  Do I have enough of this vision in my life that if all the people that I am watching...are no longer there to watch...that I will stay in the way...stay the a leader for those who are watching me? 
As I thought to myself today...what am I going to do without those people I have watched if the Lord chooses to take them on? 
Well...I will do what I have been taught while I watched all these years.  I will go to church...I will keep going...and I will keep going.  I will keep walking...I will keep listening...I will keep praying...I will keep striving.
I have not just learned by people who have talked the talk I have learned by people who have walked the walk.  I have been taught to do the right thing...even if you would rather no.  I have learned to depend on the Lord...even if I'm not sure of where we're headed.  I have learned to think on the good things...even when it seems the bad things would overwhelm me.  I have learned to help and serve others...even if I am in need myself.  I have learned how to be strong in my convictions...while still loving whole heartedly those who's convictions may be different.
These are things that I have learned by watching those around me.  And even if those who I have watched are no longer there I still will have the things that they have added to my life.  I will still hold on to the vision that they helped the Lord plant in my heart.  I still will hold fast to the vision that I have been given...not because it's THEIR vision; but because somewhere along the way it was no longer THEIR vision it became MINE.  Because my vision and convictions finally go deeper than just those people who I have watched for so long...they are connected to one they originated from.  The Lord...and HE will always be there to guide if I will keep listening...and watching...and praying...and walking...and striving...and shouting!!! 
Thank you to all that I have watched and learned from.  Thank you for staying on the job no matter what.  Thank you for living the vision before me so that I could see my faith in shoe leather. 
I love you !!!!!