Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tis So Sweet

I am so thankful for the words that we heard this weekend!!  It is words like what we heard that will resonate in our minds and keep us when things get harder.  When I went home Sunday night I was very sober minded.  I have heard things about the beast…revelation…the dragon my whole life; but when you see evidence of those things truly coming to pass it makes it more real.

Monday morning I was sitting at my desk and kept going over and over these things in my head.  I found myself stepping into the what if’s…we’ve all been there.   I can feel the Lord really working in the spirit in our services and at home in my own personal life.  I feel this urgency to work on my life as I’m sure you all have felt.  I almost felt this fear settling over me.  I know its crazy; but this life…this way means so much to me and the thought of missing out on what the Lord is doing is almost too much to think about.

I began telling the Lord, “Lord what if all I am is scaffolding and that when it comes time to take my place in the building I will just fall away…”  Seriously…this is how I was thinking.

I have believed in the Lord what seems my whole life.  I have believed this is the way He showed me to go.  Not just because I was raised here; but because the Lord himself opened my eyes to what He’s doing!!  I KNOW without any doubt or reservation that this is God’s church!!  HIS work in the land.  My eyes can see and my ears can hear; but because of that I am so afraid that I am going to miss something.  That I’m not going to hear His voice in some area or that I’m going to fail to finish my course.  I know I am 33 years old and this may sound silly; but I don’t want to fail Him.  It is too important!!  It is my LIFE!!  It is my children’s LIFE!!  I don’t want to miss out on the BRIDE.  I know that if I fail to finish my course and I’m striving that I will come up in the resurrection; but (I’m sorry if this is offensive), I don’t want to settle for the new earth.  Not that that wouldn’t be amazing too; but I want to be in the Bride.  Since I was a child that was all I have ever wanted.  That was my entire goal and ambition in life.  I want to make it.    

As I was thinking all of this I was firing back at those thoughts and saying things like “Bro. Wright said that if we were just scaffolding we needed to pray and ask the Lord to help us do whatever we need to do to be part of the building…Lord help me do what I need to do”!! 

I was thinking and praying and fighting all at the same time LOL!!.

As I stepped away from my desk I heard a sweet little phrase “Tis’ So Sweet To Trust In Jesus…Just to take Him at His word…”.   I thought wow where did that come from?  It’s not a song I just go around singing.  I went back to my computer and decided to look it up to see what the rest of the words were; and WOW!!  As I began to listen I felt this sweet peace wash over me.  I thought yes…I can take Him at His word…I can stand on His promise…and I can rest from all the what ifs in His precious peace!! 

Here are the words and the link to the video I watched :0)

'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,
Just to take Him at His Word;
Just to rest upon His promise,
And to know, "Thus saith the Lord!"

Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him!
How I've proved Him o'er and o'er;
Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus!
Oh, for grace to trust Him more!

Oh, how sweet to trust in Jesus,
Just to trust His cleansing blood;
And in simple faith to plunge me
'Neath the healing, cleansing flood!

Yes, 'tis sweet to trust in Jesus,
Just from sin and self to cease;
Just from Jesus simply taking
Life and rest, and joy and peace.

I'm so glad I learned to trust Thee,
Precious Jesus, Savior, Friend;
And I know that Thou art with me,
Wilt be with me to the end

THIS is how you just let go.  THIS is how you trust the Lord!!  How?  Because we can take Him at His word.  Why?  Because He has proved Himself to us over and over and over!!!  When we…I…take Him at His word there is no more fear!!  There is no more stress.  There is no more worry.  Why?  Because He has NEVER in 33 years EVER forsaken me.  He knows my heart and He will help me!!  The task may seem daunting; but the Lord will finish the work.

What does HIS WORD say?

What promises has He given that we can REST in?

Rest from what?  What do we need to rest from?

Has He proved Himself faithful time and time again?

A few weeks ago Shaelyne gave a testimony about being on a merry go round and just letting go and enjoying the ride.  She talked about getting in the middle of that merry go round and letting go…trusting in the Lord.  I have listened to that testimony over and over.  I could really feel it!!  THIS is how you do that!!!  You have to trust that if you keep taking steps…moving when the Lord says move…staying when the Lord says stay…that in the end it will be enough.  Trust that the Lord will not forget your labor and in the end WILL say “Well done Davita…well done”!!!  I long to know without a shadow of a doubt that I have done all that the Lord has required of me. 
So for now I am going to step into the center of that merry go round…throw my hands in the air…keep taking steps…working…pressing…praising the Lord…and trusting that if I’ll keep working HE will keep helping me; and in the end He will say “Well done thou good and faithful servant…enter in to the JOY of the Lord”!!!!  GLORY GLORY GLORY!!!!