Monday, May 23, 2011


I have 3 million other things that I need to be doing right now; but I wanted to write this down while it was still fresh. 

For the last 5 or 6 years we have worked in the CD department at our church.  When we had children it became to much for us and I began praying for the Lord to send us someone.  I have felt more and more I am needed at home in this season of my life.  (Love that phrase...season of life.)  In the last year this has happened and as of now we are no longer over that department.  Even with all the confirmations we received from the Lord you still wonder if you are letting the Lord down in some way.  

Today I was in the midst of writing my letter of resignation to our subscribers and just as I hit the send button my daughter (Maya) takes off her diaper and begins to play in it.  It was number two!!! 

I hit send and began to prepare her for her bath.  I was filling up the tub with water and I started laughing to myself.   Ok Lord, thank you for letting me know I am in your perfect will in this.  No more doubts or musings over it!!  I believe that was the last bit of "confirmation" I needed!!!  LOL!!!!