Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 1 of 3 Day Potty Training for My Last Little One

Well today is my baby's first official day of potty training.  She is 2 years and 5 months old.  She really hasn't shown a lot of interest; but I thought I would try it anyway. 

She woke up this morning and I told her "No more pull ups".  At first she fought me a little about having to go without a diaper...she said her hiney was cold LOL!!!  After I put a pair of leggings on her she was fine.  I then proceeded to pump her full of juice.  Some say to limit their juice intake; but I have found that they learn what it feels like to need to go quicker when it is happening more often.  It worked for Sophia so why not try it again.  She had about 4 accidents and each time I would holler RUN TO THE POTTY...RUN RUN RUN!!!  :o)  I'm sure we looked quite ridiculous; but there she would go...full speed... going potty all the way with mommy and big sister close behind!!!!  LOL.
After a few times of this she shocked me by just jumping up...she said she had to go potty...took off running...and made it to the potty!!!  After which she received a special "Potty Dance" courtesy of her mom and big sister!!!  She then got a couple M&M's after for doing such a good job. 

She has sense gone #2 as well today.  I did have to take her and encourage her to do it when I could tell she needed to; but we'll worry about her feeling that tomorrow.  For now I wanted her just to go since I know some kids are a little scared of that part.

She is down for a nap (which I am sure she probably will not make it through without an accident; but she may surprise me) and so far so good. 

I did pray for both of us this morning...that I could be patient and that she could get the concept down.  Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer in the little things :o)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Today has been a good day!! Lastnight we heard about the promises of God and that if we believe on them He promises not to fail to reward. We sang "He That Overcometh", "He That Believeth", and "I Believe In a God". I don't remember ever feeling the Lord back something up so strongly. It seemed like He was telling all of us "You CAN do this!!! Just believe in the promises I have given you. They ARE true...I WILL NOT fail!!!" Then to back that up Bro. Brown gave a WONDERFUL message!!!! Words can not even describe how much I gained from this service. As he walked us through the Bible I felt my mind just open up and take it all in!! It was...life changing!! Then today I felt the Lord saying "Keep believing." I would come to a situation and the words JUST BELIEVE echoed in my heart!!! He helped me every step of the way!!! I also had this song come to me as I was praying.

"We have a wonderful Savior. He's on His throne. He will never forsake us. Nor leave us alone. He gave a wonderful promise. HE CANNOT FAIL. And by His SPIRIT we SHALL prevail!!!!!"

I recommend ordering the service - Humble 9-25-2011

Sis. Laura Walters can help you out :o)

When you know the tricks used against you, then you know just what weapon to use to fight back with. Today I used Reading, Prayer, and Songs.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Climb Up a Little Bit Higher

Sometimes the Lord lets you know in His own special way that He is on your side.  At 2:00 am on my birthday 9-11-2011 the Lord gave me  this little chorus.  I thought it was significant that He says two times "He is with you"...I felt like He was making this point to me to keep on going :o)  Thank you Lord for my little birthday blessing :o)

"Climb up a little bit higher
Lay down your heavy load.
For He is with you
And you are not alone.
The way may be narrow
And the travelers are few;
But the Lord is with you
And He will see you through."

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Was asked at a wedding if I had any advice for the new couple.  I thought to myself YES let me write you a book of all the lessons I have learned from the things I have done wrong in 12 years; but one thing struck me as very important. 

Learn to stop and listen and to be willing to say your sorry when needed.  Try not to discuss things in the heat of the moment.  Give the Lord room to deal with you and try to listen for his leading in any "discussion" you are having. 

Phillip and I are both very hot tempered and sometimes just fly off the handle at each other.  That is when darts are thrown instead of charity being practiced.  We both fail at restraint sometimes (a lot of the time); but are learning that when we really slow down and do our best not to injure each other in the process we get a lot more accomplished.  Things, issues; and misunderstandings can be resolved when both parties are willing to stop and really listen to the words the other person is saying...without injecting our own feelings into the situation. 

When you can admit to each other when you've done something wrong and really trust that they wont use it against you, your walk is so much sweeter :o)  You love each other.  You are both doing your best to serve the Lord.  Sometimes it is easy to be "ALL YOURSELF" with the one you love and you forget that he/she is also your brother/sister in the Lord.  If there is anyone that you are to do your best to show charity with...to practice the things you've been taught on how to treat someone it should be your best friend...your traveling partner...your spouse.

We of course are NOT there yet at all; but we are learning together.    

Monday, September 5, 2011

WHY I Fight

Sometimes I ask myself “why do I even try”?

Today I was thinking about that and some answers started coming to me…

WHY I Fight?

I am fighting for:    A marriage that this world says that I don’t even have to if I don’t want to.

I am fighting for:    Children that this world says their generation isn’t even worth it anymore.

I am fighting for:    A salvation that this world says doesn’t exist and the devil tries to convince me daily that I will never obtain.

I am fighting for:    A life that this world does everything it can to destroy by promoting and pouring corruption into every aspect of our daily lives.

I am fighting for:    The right to worship the Lord in everything that I do.

I am sure that there are many more; but these are some of the reasons why I get up and try again every day. These are reasons why I bow my knees in prayer for strength to be what the Lord has asked me to be. These are reasons why I take the time every day to open my Bible and search for the nourishment that will help me make it that day.

Day in and day out these are the reasons why I try.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A soft answer turneth away wrath...think before you speak.
If your Bible is falling apart; your life is probably staying together.
I have been known to say to new wives

"Don't make a habit of anything
you don't want to be expected to do for the next 50 years".

I would like to change my philosophy if I may...

"Start and work on these habits when you're first married
so fifty years from now they will not seem like habits;
but instead special acts of love".