Friday, May 13, 2011

I am thankful for...

- My husband - a faithful man - with him you get what you get.  There is no pretence or falseness in him.  He loves the Lord and when the Lord deals with him he does what he feels. There is no act. 
He is what he is.

- My beautiful daughter Sophia - the Lord truly showed me how real He is and that He cares for me when she was born.  He let me know that He knows MY name (and hers to).

- My beautiful daughter Maya - The Lord changed my life with her in my arms at a youth meeting in Dallas, TX.  I believe He showed me that even I could make the Bride.  She is my joy.

- Air conditioning - without this life would be most miserable :o)

- The peaceful rain we received yesterday.

- The sound of the birds and a banging hammer outside, and the fact that I have the ability to hear both.

- A roof up above me.

- A soft bed and warm arms to hold me as I sleep.

- Friends

- A place to sit and have my soul fed.

- A Family of a different kind.

- A chance to be a light.  Not just to this world; but in my own home. 

- Conviction

- The times when the Lord makes me uncomfortable in order to teach and correct me.

- The times of refreshing that come in the midst of those lessons.

- That the Lord doesn't let me get too far before he yanks on my chain :o)

- That I am still here.

- For the comfort that the word of God brings.

- For the songs written in the song book of my heart.

- For the soft whispers of the Holy Ghost as I go throughout my days.

Wow...the more I write the more I find I am thankful for.  This may be my biggest folder yet LOL!!!

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