Our wonderful little girl was born on May 5, 2011.

Unlike her sister we had a very ordinary pregnancy and a very ordinary delivery. 
She did however add the the miracle of our lives.  For 2 people that thought they would never be able to have children to now be blessed with 2 was amazing. 

We had talked about having another child; but Phillip was neutral either way.  He would be happy with another child; but he was so very thankful for the blessing the Lord had already given us. 

With her sister we never got to have that "normal" birth experience.  She stayed in the NICU and we went home without her, so I was so excited at that thought that she would be able to stay in the room with us. 

Since the girls were only 19 months apart the doctor preferred to do a C-Section; and after the good experience we had with her sister we were ok with that.  I wanted a natural birth; but more than that I wanted a happy healthy little family. 

The morning she was born we walked into the hospital at 5am and checked in.  We walked to the prep room.  I dressed myself.  Went to the restroom and waited till it was time to have her.  Phillip and I laughed at how weird it was to have a "normal" experience.  When it was time for the surgery I walked into the OR (no fear this time), climbed on the table; and went through with the surgery.  It was so ordinary it was crazy.

With her sister we didn't have a camera or anything; but with her Phillip got the coolest picture of her leg sticking out before they pulled her completely out. 

She was born at 8:05 am I think. 

When they wheeled us into the room we got to do all the normal things that you do after a birth and best yet I got to hold her right away.  With her sister I couldn't hold or see her till the next day. 

One thing that was different with her was that I was completely exhausted when I went home.  Where before I was well rested because she wasn't in the room with me; but she was a whole different story :D  She had her days and nights mixed up so she was awake during most of the night and slept all day.  Needless to say when we went home I needed a nap!!  Still working on that one.  LOL!!! 

All and all my little girl is an absolute joy.  She is a loving, silly, happy little 2 year old who makes life worth living.  We are more than blessed and so thankful she came into our lives.  I don't even want to think what our lives would be without her.  I love you baby!!!