Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm a Little Teapot...

Sent this in an email to my sister in law and I thought I would share it with y'all:

We are doing pretty good. A lot of changes going on in our life and I think the Lord seems to be giving us a little extra "attention" if you know what I mean; but all is well!!! If I can look in the midst of all that and see myself growing then it is all worth it right :o) I told a testimony the other night in church about a teapot. LOL!!! I said that I was in my closet getting some clothes ready for church and a picture of a teapot popped into my head. I could feel myself "the teapot" about to boil over. All the sudden I stopped and noticed that I could feel the Holy Ghost!!! I thought that is so funny...here I am fightin' mad and I feel like shouting!! I started laughing to myself. I told them that when the Lord puts us "the teapot" on that stove he has to let us get a little hot and right about the time that we "the poor teapot" think that we are either going to explode from all the pressure or just flat jump off the stove the Lord opens up that little valve on top of the pot and "WOOOOOOOOOOOOO"!!!   He let's us relieve a little bit of pressure. I am learning and growing :o)
He is teaching me everyday and just when I think that there is no hope and I have lost out low and behold He gives me another little nudge!! God is so good!! If I can give my life to Him...fully...then I know that come what may I will make it through in the end. 

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