Friday, May 13, 2011

Romance...what is that?

So I am putting another discussion question out there.  The other one was just really fun :o)

My husband works swing shift with a lot of overtime which makes it hard to plan anything.  I have two wonderful small children that sap every ounce of energy that I have.  When he is home the one thing we want to both do is sit and stare at the walls in complete and utter silence.  I have had some wonderful girls offer to babysit lately so I will be taking advantage of that asap; but my question is (and please answer)

1)  What can we do at home to keep our relationship strong?

2)  Is it wrong to want to just sit in silence once in a while?

3)  Would anyone like to babysit for a few days so we can go on a cruise? LOL!!!


  1. Messages/Love notes - leave little notes around for him to find.
    Buy a journal for him and write inspirational, romantic quotes, thoughts, etc. Then continue to add them.
    You could mail him notes, or put a note on card stock and cut it up into puzzle pieces, them mail them to him.
    Play a game of Twister - Lol
    If he has a favorite date that you all had....try to recreate it sometime.

    And no it is not wrong to just sit in silence once in a while. We enjoy doing that when we can. :o)


  2. I totally agree with the message above! Also to send each other text messages through the day with romantic or loving or playful thoughts.Another idea is to have a supply of child safe trinkets (Hershey kisses or whatever you like or even a bead or something etc)then when you or your husband are ready for your time together you set out a trinket as a romantic suggestion ;) I also agree it's definitely ok to embrace some quiet time, essential! Its important to maintain your sanity so you can nourish your family in love. Last but definitely not least, pray and ask the Lord to help both of you in this area; it's honorable to nourish encourage and treat the relationship you have with your God given spouse :)