I would like to say about this blog that I felt in the beginning that I wanted a place to record the things I go through etc... for my girls to have later on in life in case something happened to me.  I then later felt that maybe in some small way by writing my journeys I could help someone else not to make the same mistakes that I have made; and encourage others in their own walks with the Lord.  So I began to write and slowly I would feel the Lord talking through my fingers. 

So...enter the disclaimer...

I would like to first say that in writing this I DO NOT believe that I am perfect or that I have all the answers.  I have NO answers.  Any lessons I have learned are by the mercy of the Lord.  It is only by Him that I live, breath; or overcome anything.  I would never want to seem like I am preaching to anyone because in truth the person I am talking to in these posts is ME.  Many times I go back and re-read these things...trying to write deep in my heart all the things that the Lord has helped me through. 

N-E-Ways, I hope that if you do take the time to read anything that I have written that you will take it as what it is meant to do first to "glorify the Lord" and show what GOD can do; and then second I hope that it encourages you to fight the good fight of faith.  God is soooo good and if we take the time to listen before we step He truly will lead us in EVERY aspect of our daily life. 

Be encouraged He is with you!!!