Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Radio Feed - 30 Day Challenge

If you haven't already signed up to do this here is the radio spot of them talking about it.  It is wonderful.    This challenge has been amazing.  It is like we are dating again.  And all it took was me commiting to make him feel respected.  Thank you Lord for the wonderful man you have given me.  Thank you for leading me to this challenge.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Stagnant - You can be happy and thankful for where you are; but in order to not become stagnant you must keep pressing for more. Be content; but not to the extent that you no longer want more of Him.

"I'm gonna keep on working till He comes till He comes..."

That was my thought for the day.

PRESS ON toward the mark.

Sometimes it's ...a fight; but it's never a game.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

His Heart Doth Safely Trust

Pro 31:11 -12

-The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.

-She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.

Yesterday this scripture kept going over and over in my mind until I had to go look it up.  As I read it I began to think about what it really was saying. 

IF the wife will treat her husband well and not evil...then her husband will feel safe enough to give her his whole heart

His whole heart.  His whole devotion.  His whole faithfulness.  He wont have any need to fill that part of his heart with anything other than you!!

One reason that a husband may feel afraid to give us his whole heart is because maybe he has done that in the past (maybe more than once) and has lived to regret it.  Maybe (for lack of a better example) he has said to himself "one more time" and handed you his heart and you promptly placed it into a meat grinder.  I can say this because I have done this over and over myself.  I have apologized, to only turn around and do the same things again.  I know that there will be times that mistakes will come; but at the same time I have to actually be TRYING not to make them.

I feel like this scripture was talking to me.  For so long I have griped and griped about wanting that whole hearted perfect relationship when in truth I WAS THE ONE preventing that very thing from happening.  Could it be possible that I was sabotaging myself???  I think so.

If every time my husband gives me his heart I spend the next day, month, year picking the rest of him apart what's to stop him from taking his heart back; and worse yet someday giving up completely and giving his heart to someone else?  Wow, that's a sobering thought!!  I don't want my husband to feel safe with anyone; but me.  I want to be the one that he gives his whole self to.  Next to the Lord I WANT TO BE THE ONE!!  I want him to feel safe with me.  I want him to be able to trust me in everything.  I want him to KNOW that I will stand beside him forever.  If I want him to be the head of our home then I have let him know that I will follow!!!

I know that this is sobering; but the Lord is really working in our home and for that I am so thankful.  A while back the Lord dealt with me that the greatest calling (regardless of what I do for the church) I have been given right now is to be the keeper of our home.  It is my responsibility to keep the bad out and fill it with the good.  I asked the Lord to help me with this and I feel that He is.  By no means has this been an easy thing, and it has stirred up all kinds of things; but I really firmly believe that the Lord is cleaning house.  The Lord is moving His church on and He is starting individually.    

Day 9 - Husband Encouragement Challenge

Well it is only day 9 of this challenge and I must admit that this has been a really eye-opening experience.  By doing my best to not say negative things and take more time to say positive things to my husband I have seen a real difference in our home.  Not just on his part; but mainly on my part. 

His part - He seems a lot happier and more smiley (if that makes any sense). 

We have done a lot of laughing together and this may seem sad; but it is just the truth...when you have built a relationship on negative communication it actually feels weird to be...happy.  I feel like we are learning each other all over again.  Learning how to say nice things to each other and not hurtful.  We are having fun doing things FOR THE OTHER PERSON.

My part - I believe that by spending more time looking for things I can compliment him on it has taken my focus off all the little annoying things.  Which in turn has made me much happier.  Instead of looking at the dark negative things I feel like I have been shown the light!!

It is funny how something as simple as this challenge could have such a great impact on our home.  Can't wait to see what else this month holds for us.  Praise the Lord!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 5 - 30 Day Challenge

I signed up for a 30 Day Encourage Your Husband Challenge and today's assignment was to tell my parents and his how I feel about my husband. This is something surprisingly hard and embarrassing for me to do. I am fine sharing how I feel about most things; but this seems to be so private it's intimidating. I do however want to do this challenge whole heartily so here goes.

When I was a little girl I always imagined being married and having my own family. Like most little girls I had it all planned out. I can already see in my daughters this natural wifely and motherly instinct taking hold. It is funny how that we fall in love with the idea of being a wife and mommy before really knowing what all that will entail.

When Phillip was 11 he moved to Houston, TX. From the first moment I saw him I knew that he was the man/boy for me. Some say that at that age you can't possibly know; but I did. As our lives went on I dated others; but always would come back to Phillip. None could compare. He was the one!!

When we got married I was in love with the idea of love. I knew that I loved Phillip and that I wanted to spend my life with him; but I had no idea what a wife was supposed to be and I will readily admit that for the last 11 years he has put up with a lot. He has never left...physically or mentally. He has a lot more patience and mercy than I have ever thought about having. He truly LOVES me.

Phillip is a GREAT provider. He willingly sacrifices his wants and even his needs to give everything he has to me and our two girls. He gives his time, his body; and every last cent of his money to make a life for us that he feels we deserve. I hope that one day I will actually DESERVE it.

Phillip is a FANTASTIC father. He loves his children more than life itself and would lay down his life if it was required for them. He is caring and considerate with them. They are his BIGGEST fans. =D

Phillip is my BEST FRIEND. There is no one besides the Lord that loves and cares for me the way he does. He takes more abuse than any man I know and still will reach over to comfort and listen to me.

Phillip is my PROTECTOR. When he is gone I have a hard time sleeping because he sleeps with his arms around me most of the night. In his arms I am safe. I know that I can trust him because I KNOW that he loves me.

I could go on and on; but this note would get very mushy very fast. The truth is that I love him more than just about anything. I do not deserve how good he is to me; but I do intend to spend the rest of my life trying my best to prove to him that I love and appreciate him.

I don't just love him for the things that he does for me; but I love him for just being there. Staying when I know that most men would have run the other way. For making me fee like the most important woman in the world.

I love you Phillip...more than any words I type could ever say. You are the man that goes beyond my dreams!!!


Friday, February 11, 2011

30 Days to Encourage Your Husband *Day 3 Update below

I am a person that is very hard on myself.  I feel like I KNOW the teachings of this Body and so that leaves no excuses for mistakes.  I am working on this.  As well as being hard on myself I have realized that I expect the same of my husband and my children.  I know that these are unrealistic expectations and I am working on that as well.  In all of my soul searching the last few months I have realized that I can be very merciful and patient with others; but when it comes to my husband and my children I am critical and harsh.  This realization is nothing short of painful for me.  To realize that you have hurt the people closest to you is heart breaking to say the least.  I have been trying to rebuild this relationship; but have found that sometimes the only thing that I can do is pray and keep my mouth SHUT!!!  I have watched my daughter Sophia and she wants to please me so much and I want her to know more than anything that I love her and accept her.  I have the job as her mother to help shape her confidence in herself.  I want her to believe in herself.  Both of my girls.  And my poor husband...he works so hard to provide not just our needs; but all of our wants.  He does a great job and I spend 90% of my time pointing out his flaws instead of praising him for the good he does.  Lord help me!!  This brings me to the title of this post.  I was online and looking at one of my favorite sight's and this was the article that popped up.

It is something that I think I am going to try.  For the details click on the link; but I wanted to post it in case others were interested. 

I will try to post any interesting things that occur.  Hopefully I will regain the trust and confidence from him that I so desire.  I am determined that if I will let the Lord help me HE WILL!!!  (Per my Aunt Karen =)  He has already so many times before!!

**Day 3 - So far so good.  I have been doing my best to NOT say anything negative to Phillip or about Phillip.  This has been really encouraging because instead of focusing on the negative I have been looking for the positive.  It is amazing how this has changed MY outlook.  We have had a few very pleasant days.  I am excited to see what the rest of the month holds!!