Sunday, January 23, 2011

Help Button

I had this silly little thought. You know when you are in a site like FB and you are having trouble with it...there is a little button usually at the bottom of the page that days HELP? I got to thinking about that button and that how if you need help you can just push that little button; and this nice little box pops up with all these different things you may need help with. Sometimes it will give you options or steps to try with that subject. It also gives the option that if your "problem" is not listed below you can run a troubleshooting session on your computer. If that doesn't help there is another option to may need to run a diagnostic test on your computer. I got to thinking about this. Sometimes spiritually when you push that help button your "problem" pops right up with all the directions on how to solve it; but then there are other times when your "problem" is not listed. It's at that time you need to allow the Holy Ghost to run a diagnostic check. Allow it to go down deep and touch that part of you that is malfunctioning. You would be surprised at the problems that can be fixed by just allowing the Holy Ghost free reign in your life.

And that was my thought. =D


Thursday, January 20, 2011


As I was driving home yesterday I was singing the song the Lord had given me this weekend.  As I was singing I heard my daughter (Sophia) trying her best to sing along with me.  I stopped to listen and she said "Mom, sing it again".   I began to sing again and then after a few times asked her to sing it for me.  She said " No mom, you sing it with me".   I could hardly sing I was so choked up.  Some of my fondest memories are singing in the car with my mother; and there on that very day I got to sing in the car with my daughter.  It humbled me to hear the words the Lord had allowed me to write down for Him, coming from her mouth.  She loves to sing and I hope that she always holds these songs near to her heart.  The songs of the Body of Christ.  The songs that overflow with this truth that I love and hold so dear.  Right now 2 songs that she sings over and over are "Lord I Want To Go", and "I Came Here To Praise You".  I am so blessed.  Maya also loves to sing.  Right now her favorite song is Veggie Tales or anything that her sister is singing at the time.  She does her very best to sing right along.  I am so very blessed.  Thank you Lord for planting the seeds and Lord help me to help you cultivate them into something that you can use.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Remedy

A little chorus the Lord gave me this weekend.

I was listening to Bro. George Wright and he said "He is the remedy for all humanity"; and my mind began going ninety miles and hour.

I've got the remedy
For all humanity
Just come and follow me.

If you'll give up control
I can make you whole
And set your spirit free.

If you will follow me
Then I will lead you
My people you will be.

So come on my child
Come on, let go
And let me set you free.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Joy in the Camp

"Joy is not the absence of storms, it's learning to dance in the rain."

I saw this quote somewhere and my mind began working.

Finding joy in the midst of chaos is sometimes hard.  Well, honestly it is always hard.  Joy hides in places your carnal mind wont look.  Joy is something that you can't buy, you can't sell; and if you look for it in the flesh you wont find it.  Joy goes BEYOND happiness.  I can pretend to be happy; but in order to find true joy...that flows from within.
Joy comes when you look at your circumstances and see a bigger picture.  That this chaos is somehow for our good even though we can't see why yet.  I know that sometimes it is hard to see the BIG picture; but it's at those times that the Lord gives us grace.  Grace for what?  To endure.  Why must you endure?  You endure because you have been given hope of a promise.  A promise of life eternal. 
I am not saying that I have this down pat.  I do NOT!!!  I have to continually remind myself of this; and when I can't seem to remember it the Lord is so faithful to remind me.  He send a song, a testimony; or a message my way that helps me remember why I endure.  That feeling begins to wash over me and I remember.  That peace, and comfort; and yes...even JOY returns to give me that little push to go a little further. 

"It's not by might, nor by strength; but by my spirit..."

He said He would never leave us or forsake us.  You may find yourself in the midst of chaos; but look around He's right there.  Don't allow yourself to end up in the ditch of sadness, complaining; or depression.  Call on the name of JESUS!!!!  If all you can do is stand in your living room and holler HELP, holler help!!!!!  HE WILL HEAR YOU!!!!! 

"Then you ask me why I love Him.
Why I choose to walk this way.
Why His service it gets sweeter everyday.
It's the only life worth living.
And it makes my world complete.
Oh THAT'S what Jesus means to me!!!!"

Just A Note

I am going to be adding a lot in the near future.  I have felt for a long time to do this and so slowly; but surely I am going to put my hand to the plow.  I hope that the things that I post are uplifting, encouraging; and that they give you a little hope in the midst of the chaos.  I know that everyday I learn something from my children and my husband.  We have been given the greatest classroom opportunity...LIFE.  I am excited and humbled at the chance to share mine with you. we go.  If you want you have my permission to recommend this to someone; but I do ask that it is someone that you believe is trustworthy since I do have pics of my children on here.  Just have them send me their email and I will be happy to add them.  Thank you for taking the time to read a few pages out of my book.