Thursday, March 15, 2012

My mind is full and overflowing tonight.  As I read my Bible today, listened to church services in the car traveling, spent the day with God’s people, prayed over my children before they went to sleep; and prayed myself.  I can feel the Lord’s presence so strong.  I am different.  I am not of this world.  I am peculiar some might say.  I am chosen. 

My mind is running faster than I can type; but I will try.  As I prayed tonight I began praying a covering over my children.  I asked the Lord to make them pillars in HIS house someday.  To make Himself real to them in their lives.  To help them choose Him someday.  I asked Him to fill our home with peace and joy and laughter and love.  I asked Him to change me to be a living example to them every day.  To walk before them in the path that I want them to travel.  For them to know that it’s OK to put the Lord first in their lives and that it’s OK to choose Him even if someday their friends choose to do otherwise.  To help me be an instrument that points them to HIM. 

I began to ask the Lord to keep dealing with me.  Keep showing me myself.  To continue to help me fan that flame of belief and zeal to serve the Lord that He planted in my heart so long ago.  Lord, never let me give up on the vision that you’ve given me.  Increase it Lord till it leaves no room left for doubt…disbelief…and yes anything that is not You!!  Fill me up Lord.  Help me to walk with you every day.  Help me to respond to my situations not react.  To stop long enough to THINK about what I’m doing before I do it.  Help me to obey You in every situation that I face.  These are the desires of my heart.

I want to make it.  I WANT TO MAKE IT!!!!  It is not an option for me to turn back, give up; or give in!! Things that were once acceptable to me are no longer acceptable.  They are even becoming distasteful, pointless; and no longer worth my time.  I don’t have any time to spare to give in to those things.  LORD help me hold on to what I am feeling!!!  Don’t let me forget.  Don’t let me fall behind.  When I do make a mistake don’t let me get distracted by my failure; but let me repent, stand up; and start again. 

LORD I WANT TO GO!!!!      

Continue to stir my mind up.  Don’t allow me to get comfortable.  Keep my vision clear, and the places that are not Lord open my eyes.  Lead me Lord.  Guide me.  Strengthen me.  Fill me.  Let me walk with you Lord!!!  Let me learn from the things that I go through.  Open my eyes Lord so I can REALLY see you!!  Keep me Jesus!!  Keep me, keep me, keep me!!!    

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Girl's Bathroom

Our newest renovation.
(a.k.a proof that Phillip and I CAN work together LOL)
Little by little...Day by day :0)