Friday, December 31, 2010


We always hear the scenario of how we need the fire to get all the wrinkles out of our lives. They use an example of an iron ironing clothing. As I was ironing Sophia's skirt this morning a few thoughts dropped into my head. Her skirt had gotten twisted in the dryer and was almost unrecognizable. I ironed and I steamed; but the wrinkles just wouldn't come out! I turned the heat up and even held the iron on just a little bit longer trying to make the skirt cooperate. Finally I added a little water, and heat; and steam. Those wrinkles came right out. Thought how some wrinkles won't come out just with fire. They are so deep that it takes all three. Heat, steam; and water. The water was needed to make the skirt pliable so that the heat could do it's job. Hmmm... Maybe if I can stay pliable the heat won't take as long.

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