Friday, December 31, 2010

Weapons of Warfare

My father (not just because he's my father) did an excellent job of talking about this subject this weekend. He didn't even know that the whole week before the Lord had really been talking to me about that. I have some things (as I'm sure we all do) in my character that I fight daily. I (as I'm sure most of you) have been feeling the need to really dig deep and clean out. Bro. Brown a couple weeks ago talked about having a pure heart towards God. He used our dear Sis. Blanchard here as an example. When she gets blessed she has this laugh and holler that just spills out over the whole crowd. He took the chance (after one of these times) to point out that if she didn't have the life to back her up those sounds would not have the affect on the crowd the way it had. Without the life to back it up it just wont work he said. That really struck home with me because (and I don't write this for any glory I am just trying to make my point) I feel like at times the Lord has been able to use me in different ways. I feel like that He has used me even when my life DID NOT back it up. For that I am grateful; but I feel more than ever that I want the Lord to be able to have a clean vessel to work with. Why should He always have to work around my faults? Well the truth is HE WONT ALWAYS. I feel like that time may be drawing closer and closer to being over. I want my inside to match my outside. Now back to my weapons. In my praying about these character flaws I was to the point where I was crying out and telling the Lord that "this is what's wrong with me and I have no idea how to help it"?!! I was asking for help. The Wed. night before Bro. Wyzard from McAlester, OK was here and he spoke about an experience he had had. The Lord told him in this experience that "He wasn't going to come down any further we must come up"! I couldn't stop thinking about that. How do you come up? What did I need to do to come up? A million thoughts ran through my head; but the next morning the Lord dealt with me to get up and read my Bible and pray before the kids get up. I do read everyday; but I always saved it for right before bed. One thing Bro. Wyzard said was that the Lord would give us our DAILY bread. Not our bread for tomorrow; but what we needed to make it through TODAY. How could I get what I needed for today if I was waiting till the end of the day to read and pray? So...I did that for a couple days and really felt more strength. Was thinking that maybe he knew what he was talking about.=D Saturday morning the kids woke up early so I missed my time; but as soon as the kids went down for a nap I went to my room to fulfill my comitment to the Lord. I opened Bro. Whittle's book to see what I was to read that day and could have shouted when I read that it was 2 Corinthians 10. After I read this I closed my Bible and began to cry and pray. I had a really good experience that day. It is the scripture that talks about the weapons of our warfare not being carnal. It starts out in v.3 says that we do not war after the flesh... The light bulb finally went off. If you try to fight with the flesh against the flesh you will LOSE!! You have to fight with your spiritual guns!! You can't fight a bear with a water pistol. GIVE ME A RIFLE!!! (2 Corinthians 10:4 - For the weapons of our warfare are NOT carnal, but MIGHTY through GOD to the pulling down of strongholds...) I can't do it in myself. The more that I try to do it in myself the worse I make it. The more I try to ignore it the bigger it grows. Bro. Whiittle also said in his book - "There are exalted notions and opinions in the castle of the human mind that must be conquered and demolished". How? By spiritual weapons. "Some prejudices may be destroyed by neglect, but there are many more which must be (I love this) STORMED BY VIOLENCE. This can only be accomplished by Divine strength imparted by the Holy Spirit and the dynamic Word of God. There are some areas in which we must simply stand still and see the salvation of the Lord; there are others in which we are to fight the good fight of faith".

This song came to mind later that day and I have been singing it ever since.
I haven't slayed the dragon yet; but I've been giving him some good jabs!!

"And we are in the army of the Lord
We've been washed in the blood
And we are going forth
There is nothing that can stop
This mighty moving force
Every strong hold and bondage
Must fall beneath our feet
Every prisoner held captive
For our deliverance has come
Through the POWER OF THE SON
It's the blood-bought the church

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