Friday, December 31, 2010

The Boxer

Lastnight I was laying in bed just thinking over the things that happened this weekend. We heard such encouraging words. Words that to the flesh are hard to swallow; but renewed the inner man and gave him strength to stand and fight.

I was laying there thinking and this picture developed. I would tell you to close your eyes; but then you couldn't read it. LOL.

Imagine this boxing ring and in one corner you see a boxer enter the ring (the Body of Christ). Slowly he begans to put weight on one foot ... and then the other. Back and forth, back and forth. He raises his hands and takes a couple little practice jabs. First the left ... then the right. Back and forth ... back and forth. His opponent steps into the center ring and the crowd goes wild. The boxer slowly, confidently walks into the center ring. He surveys his opponent. Tattered and worn are his garments. Muscles big is mountains. Spewing all sorts of hate and misery from his lips. This opponent to the natural eye is severe and impenitrable. Any normal man would cower at thought of facing such a man. But slowly the boxer lifts his head. His eyes shine bright with knowing. A hush fills the room and He is filled with that strength from within. He's not alone. Adorned in white and draped with banners of the victories they've won he raises his hands to fight. He takes one last look at his corner to make sure and recieves a nod from his faithful coach. The man that has done it all.

Whether it takes one punch or 10 it doesn't matter because he knows that he can win. This beast of a man will not stand against HIS mighty hand. For they have done the work. Prepared the way and they know that POWER had been given unto Him and that he is MORE than a conquerer. The ref gives the signal and his opponent begins to lunge; but the power alive within the boxer rises up and **BAM** one powerful, mighty, solid blow and down goes that beast of a man. The boxer steps back and not a sound is heard. His opponent goes down. ONE...TWO...THREE...FOUR...FIVE...SIX...SEVEN...EIGHT...NINE...10!!! The boxer is your winner!!! Instead of giving in to the roar of the crowd the boxer turns and falls to his knees. He bows to the man in his corner. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The Captain of the Lords host. He is the one that has won this battle. He is the one that deserves this praise. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords; and without him this fight would be in vain.

So think not about what the Lord is asking of you. It is but a small thing. Turn and look at that man in your corner. HE paid it all. HE holds the keys to victory. With him there is no character flaw you cannot overthrow. There is no mountain you cannot move. There is no victory that you cannot win. Make sure you have Him in your corner and the battle is "ours" thus saith the Lord.

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