Friday, December 31, 2010

It Does Matter

My heart is so overwhelmed and my mind is just racing so the way I resolve that is to write.

It is amazing to me the amount of people that can feel the Lord dealing with them on things in their lives and know that the Lord is tugging on them; and yet still they think that you can live with one foot in the world and one foot in the church. It breaks my heart actually to see them struggle within themselves everytime they are at church only to get a little bit of relief and go right back to doing the things the Lord has convicted them of. Don't we know the affect it has on our life. I'm talking to me as well because it seems that we all fight this battle somewhere in our walk with the Lord over something we're holding onto. We are either in or out. The Bible says that the lukewarm (one foot in and one foot out) He would eventually spew out of His mouth. We all know this; but to really understand what all that entails I think would spur more of us into action. Yes, I believe the Lord gives second chances, and Yes I think that He has mercy for us; but I do think that eventually it will come down to one last chance. We will either say that "eternal yes" the ministers have been talking about or we will say to the Lord "No, Lord, you know I think I can handle this all on my own".

God forbid!!!! Where would we be without the Lord??? I know the answer to that question in my own life and where I would be is not worth mentioning at all!! I owe Him my life. MY LIFE!!! That is what He wants from each and everyone of us. OUR LIFE. Not to question when He says jump; but to jump with all my might. Bro. Brown tells this story about Bro. Patton and him that I think is kind of funny; but so true for me. He said that if the Lord told Bro. Patton to jump out a window he would just do it. Bro. Brown (like me I think) would have to look out the window and see how far down it was and where the best place to land would be. I am sorry to say that more often than not when the Lord has dealt with me in my own life I tend to relate more to Bro. Brown. I feel like that the time for that in my own likfe is slowly dwindling away. I don't feel like in my life the Lord is pleased with that anymore. Why would the Lord send me before the kings of this world to speak for Him if I question every thing He asks me to do in my own life now. How can the Lord trust me if I don't trust Him. He said if I would keep His commandments that I could have eternal life. What is better than that?

Lord help me to take my foot out of the world and plant them both in you!!!

I had this experience one time the Lord was asking me to give up some things I'd been holding onto. I was really getting a good blessing and I had this picture of those big bulky plastic bracelets. You know the ones you can get in all shapes an sizes? I had them all up and down my arms and written on them were things that I'd been holding onto.
Ex. - hurts, pride, even getting down to the specifics written on these bracelets.
The Lord would have me to look at one of them and he would ask me to take it off and drop it to the floor. Now I wasn't physically doing this, it was all in my head. I would fight a bit; but then I would take off the bracelet and drop it to the floor. This happened several times and the more I took off the deeper I went in the spirit. It was a wonderful expereince. I felt that the Lord was showing me that if I would be willing to take those burdens off that I could have more of Him. To this day I think of that when He starts dealing with me about something. If I can let go of what I'm holding onto I can have more of Him; and untimately there will be none of me left only Him!!!

Praise the Lord!! Ok, now maybe I can sleep.


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