Friday, December 31, 2010

Sorry Old Man


(Lord gave me this while Bro. Larry Vance was talking about the things befalling our young people.)

The devil may be bidding a high price for our young people; but be rest assured there will be some that WILL stand up boldly and raise their swords and shields to fight for what our forefathers fought for. There WILL be a generation that will carry the vision of the Body of Jesus Christ on their shoulders. They WILL raise the banner of righteousness up draw the Lord's chosen out of Babylon. WE WILL STAND, WE WILL FIGHT, WE WILL MARCH, AND WE SHALL PREVAIL!!

He stands on the corner bidding us to come in.
"Only for a moment, you don't have to stay.
Sit for a spell, put your feet up.
What does your heart desire?
Riches, power, fame are all here!
You can have all you want,
For just one small price."
Sir you may give me the things of this world.
You may try to fulfill my desires;
But be not deceived my desires are not here.

You may be willing to pay all that you own
For the price of our souls;
But you cannot give us the thing that can fulfill.

Sorry old man; but your time is up!

You've tried your best,
Used all your tricks;
There's nothing left.
My soul you see has already been bought.
Bought with a price
By the Son of God.
You couldn't buy Him,
And you CAN'T BUY ME.

God's prize is one you can't see!
Life everlasting is what my heart desires,
To stand and worship before the Lord's throne.

You see old man, your time is up.

I wont go in and share your dazzle.
There's nothing there but dust and rubble.

See you old man, Your time is up!

My eye is on the prize And I'm not giving in,
Cause I'm on the side that'll win in the end.


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