Friday, December 31, 2010


Sitting on my bed this afternoon before church and thinking on some things. Tonight we had church. Since Christmas fell on our regular church night we all still came in and had church. As I was thinking about church and getting ready these thoughts dropped in my head...I am so happy to be going to church tonight. It kind of surprised me at the feeling I was having. I always enjoy church when I get there; but sometimes it is hard to get up and go. Phillip wouldn't be able to go with me and there was no nursery so I would have to sit through church by myself with them. For some this may not be a big deal; but my children haven't quite learned to sit still yet. On any other given church service when I have to do this I grumble and complain about it the whole way there and then to Phillip on the phone the whole way home. So, the fact that I was so happy to go under these circumstances was odd. I knew in my mind that I would be going alone with them, and that "this" situation was going on; and that "that" had happened. My mind was carrying all these burdens; but my heart leaped within me to know that I could go one more time to worship the Lord. My Holy Ghost was excited. I am thankful!!! We have almost made it through another year. I AM STILL HERE!!! There was nothing so big that happened this year that caused me to lose my way. Now I am NOT saying that things haven't happened; but there has been nothing so big that HE couldn't handle!!

When I got to church I could feel the Holy Ghost right away. The band played Blessed Redeemer and I love that song. We were entering into his courts with praise. Then Sis. Luvanna Marshall began playing All Hail King Jesus; and from the first note the Holy Ghost filled that building. If I could've thought of a song to go with what I was feeling that would be it!!! The Holy Ghost welled up inside me and burst forth!!!

I am SO THANKFUL to have been in service tonight!!!

He is STILL God today!!

He is STILL able to heal!!!

He is STILL able to save!!!

He hears!!

He holds!!

He strengthens!!

He keeps!!!


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