Friday, December 31, 2010

My Testimoney

Gelina Gilbert asked me to write this a while back...

My testimony...what would I consider my testimony? Since I have been here all my life my testimony may not be quite as spectacular as others. I guess my testimony would be a testimony of the love and mercy of the Lord shed abroad in my life.

When I was 8 or 9 years old the Lord in His own simple way began to show me my need for Him in my life. I gave my heart to Jesus on the edge of my parents bed while blow drying my hair for church. My parents were in the room at the time and I always wondered if they noticed that I was crying and talking to the Lord; but they never said. They let me have my moment with the Lord. From that time on I began to seek the Holy Ghost. I remember one time I was down front and after I was done praying my mother asked me if I thought I got the Holy Ghost. She never said I did or didn't. She wanted me to know for myself. I told her I thought so; but I really hadn't got it. Later on at a Vacation Bible School in spring, TX when I was nine I was down front praying with some of my friends to get the Holy Ghost and something happened. I basically lost track of where I was and what I was doing. To this day I don't remember speaking in tongues right then; but I think that's the moment I actually got it. Later on during that week some of us were all in a circle praying down front and I closed my eyes, opened my mouth; and out came the Holy Ghost. I heard myself. When my mom picked me up I ran outside and jumped in the car. I practically hollered at her "I GOT IT! I GOT THE HOLY GHOST TODAY"! She said, "Are you sure"? I was sure! From then on my parents encouraged me every chance I got to keep my Holy Ghost alive. Through the good and the bad it is my constant comfort. I firmly believe that as a child and a teenager it is important to be soaked in the Holy Ghost. Soaked to overflowing! You should never be ashamed to feel the Holy Ghost. Even if everyone around you isn't showing it they may be feeling it. They may be waiting for someone else to show it so they feel comfortable letting go. This June I will have had the Holy Ghost for 20 years; and I have learned that when you're going through a trial or test it is not always easy to touch the Lord; but it is so important. When my mother passed away I left the funeral and got on a bus and went to a youth meeting in Dallas, TX. That may have been strange to a lot of people; but I knew if I was going to make it through, that I was going to need something extra special from the Lord. He supplied. All through middle and high school I tried to blend in with those around me; but deep down inside I knew I held something different within me than they did. The Lord has never let me forget that and I pray He never will. He's been better than good to me. In 30 years I have watched things change around me and friends come and go; but the Lord has kept his hand on me. By the grace and the mercy of God - I'm still here. Yes, I'm still here...thank you Lord for leading me this way...the vision you gave me grows clearer everyday...I realize Lord you could have chosen others in my place...but I'm so glad I'm in this race...and I'm still here.

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