Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dancing for the Lord

I remember someone speaking a few services back about getting your children comfortable feeling the Spirit of the Lord so that they would never be afraid of it. 

We were watching a DVD of one of the services this week and they were playing Looking for a City.  My girls were hopping and dancing all around the living room.  As I was watching them and thinking about them being comfortable with the Holy Ghost I thought why not practice here?  So I went and got their hands and we started dancing and praising the Lord together.  Don't get me one fell out in the Spirit that day; but whose to say that one day they wont.  I have had plenty of experiences with the Lord in my home and who's to say that they can't have their own as well?  I even remember hearing of several people getting the Holy Ghost in their own homes.  I would love for the Spirit of the Lord to dwell in our home always so that whenever they need or want to they can touch the Lord. 

I enjoyed dancing in our living room with my girls.  Another memory to cherish.

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