Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meal Planning

I am HORRIBLE at this!!  Why?  Because I can sit down and write out a plan for the month; but when it comes to that day...what if I don't want what's on that day's menu?  I know just switch it with something else.  Yes I can do that; but I don't. 

I had an idea...starting today.  I am going to write down everything I fix this month on a calender and then use it for next month.  I really want to know if this will help when I go shopping by decreasing the number of times I have to go and the amount of stuff I have to buy.  I know by others that it will; but I am actually excited to try it this time.  So June will be my prep month and July will be my trial run.  I also have a husband works crazy shifts so I have to plan around that too.

Any suggestions on this?  Or advice?? Pleeease!!!   

How do you guys prepare a grocery list???  How do you keep from cooking the same things over and over???  Do you ever get frustrated doing this or has it been a life saver for you???

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  1. Here's something I do. First I make sure I have all my staples, like milk, butter, eggs, crackers, bread, flour, sugar, seasonings, etc. because these are the foundations of ANY meal.

    Then when I go to the store I look in the meat department and see what is on sale or marked down. . .this helps me decide what to buy. I try to buy the discounted meats and plan my meals around what ever that is.If I go to Sam's I break up the meat into small servings and put them in the freezer, that way I can get out only enough for Tom and I or if I have company I can get out the number meat servings needed.

    I also try to keep on hand some canned meats for things I need to make in a hurry. . .like Salmon, chicken, ham, and tuna. These also come in handy if there is a power outage, unexpected company or such. I just open a can of the meat and make salmon patties or a casserole with a salad.

    On vegetables, I buy some fresh (especially salad stuff) and use them pretty quickly, then I buy a varity of frozen vegetables. Those little packages at the store are perfect for two or four if the kids are small.

    Fruit and vegetables are great to keep around.
    I like to get apples and oranges because they keep longer, then whatever looks good and is in season.

    Desserts I don't really think about much. They are just "fluff" and I am fluffy enough. ;)

    Try to have at least a green vegetable, a yellow vegetable and meat for meal balance.
    This also keeps meals from getting boring. List your "greens" and "yellows" and rotate them so you don't always have potatoes but sometimes rice, eggplant, squash, etc. Cottage chees is a good vegetable substitute.

    Hope this helps. Remember, you are cooking for the very most important people in your life! Your family. Don't save the "good stuff" for guests only. . .don't save your fine china for guests only. . .treat the very most important people like they are as valuable as they truly are. krp