Monday, June 6, 2011

Games My Girls Play

I was thinking about the games that fill my little girls' days...

Sometimes they are beautiful princesses dressed for a ball.

Sometimes they are a mommy taking care of their babies.

Sometimes they pretend to cook me meals.

Sometimes they dance about with the wildest of energy.

Sometimes they pretend to worship the Lord.

Sometimes they put on a show.  Singing EVERY song they know.

Sometimes they testify for me. 

These are all common everyday games that children play; but it dawned on me that these are not games that I have taught them.  They are games that they have "invented" on their own. 

I did not sit down and teach them how to be a mommy...they have learned it from watching me.

I did not sit down and teach them how to cook a meal...they have learned it from watching me.

We did not sit down and "practice" how to worship the Lord...they have learned that from being around those doing it. 


What other things have they learned by just watching?  This can be a blessing; but also very scary.  They learn right now by watching, seeing; and hearing what is going on around them.  What are they exposed too?  I know that there are some shows that we watch that I think "well, they are too little to get that yet"; but does that make it ok??  I have learned that they pick up a lot more than I "think" they do.  I have even seen my girls pick up attitudes without even realizing what they are doing.  They don't know right now; but that seed has been planted to grow into a giant oak later on.  Lord let me look at the things I bring into my home through the of a child; but with the wisdom of an adult. 

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