Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Lesson in Communication

Tonight as we were sitting in church I leaned over and asked Sophia if she would like to go sit with her Mamaw Perry who was seated in the row in front of us.

She nodded yes and smiled so I put her down.  As she walked to her I was looking down writing in my notebook...

When I looked up she was making her way to the front of the church.  I sat rather stunned trying to figure out what she was doing.  I called her name and she did NOT stop.  She walked quietly up to the platform where my father was sitting on the FRONT ROW and climbed up into his lap.  I know for sure that my face was the same color as the pews!!!! 

It struck me as very funny because most of the men on the platform were in dark colored suits and there she sat like a sore thumb in her bright salmon colored dress with bright green furry socks.  Pretty as a princess. 

In her mind I guess she was going to her Papaw and I thought she was going to her Mamaw.  I had apparently given her permission without realizing it.  LOL!!!  Oh live and learn. 

I learned tonight that is VERY important when dealing with someone that you make sure you are on the same page...or else they may just go wondering off to your amazement :o)

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