Sunday, June 19, 2011

Come ON...You can make it if you try!!!

I had already turned off my computer this evening and was headed to bed when these thoughts began to come to me...

I am so encouraged by what is happening in the church today.  I am seeing people really begin to lay down their lives for the Lord.  Really get in line with His will for their lives.  Old, young, middle aged: whomever, the Lord is really talking to His people.  One thing that was said tonight that I really took to heart was that the Lord has knocked now we have to respond.  (My words - Not exactly what was said)

I feel like saying...if the devil is fighting you right now and telling you that you can't do this I want you to remember that the LORD HIMSELF brought you here!! 

You may say well "I just decided it was time".  I don't believe that.  I do think that you have to make a conscious decision to follow the Lord; but you can't do that on your own.  I believe that the Lord has to give you the desire to even do that.  What person is going to just DECIDE to lay down their own flesh??  It is not something that our flesh wants to do!!!  The Lord had to fill you with the desire to want to change before you could even make that effort.  You have to see your need for Him. 

I know that one way that the devil seems to talk to me (and has had success I am sad to say) is by making me feel like I am all alone.  I know it's hard to believe; but you can be as loud and crazy as I am and still feel like you are all alone!!  I feel like tonight the Lord has given me a weapon against this...

You hear the phrase all the time "you didn't come this way by chance"...

Do you really believe that?  I think I do.  I was born and raised in the Body of Christ; but I don't believe that it is only because of those things that I am still here.  I know that there has been mercy laid up for me and I don't minimize that at all; but I also know that the Lord had to call MY NAME one day.  If he hadn't then I would not be here. 

If the Lord has taken the time to give you a desire to change and to make you uncomfortable in your life to do so then HE WANTS YOU HERE!!!!  He still has a place for you.  Respond to the Lord. 


I don't believe that He would take the time and effort to make you miserable if He didn't care about you.  He is knocking, pounding, kicking in your door!!!  He loves you and wants you to make it. 

Fire that back at the devil...HE WOULDN'T HAVE CALLED YOU IF HE DIDN'T WANT YOU!!!! 

If the Lord has bothered to deal with you and has given you a desire to change then He is there with you.  You may not know the plan yet.  He may not have discussed all the details with you yet; but HE has a plan!!!  You...I...just need to relax and take it one step at a time.  If the Lord says do that and then wait for the next instruction.

Sometimes I look at the whole Bible and see this BIG MONSTER of a task that I have to accomplish and I give up.  It's to hard.  Well yes it's too hard!!!  When you look at it like that perfection is impossible; but what is the Lord asking you to do right now??  Do you feel Him asking you to do one thing?  Try a different the one thing He is asking you to do right now and then I bet it will lead you to the next thing.  Little by little...Day by day...Jesus is changing me!!!  Ask the Lord to clear your mind and let you see that one step He's asking you to make today.  Ask Him to block out all that other noise going on and open your eyes a little more.  One step...two steps...and one day you'll look back at that impossible task and realize that by following the Lord step by step by step He has brought you through it. encouraged in the Lord.  All is not lost.  He STILL is calling your name.



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  1. Amen! The Lord willingly working to get us ready to stand in the swelling of Jordan. Lift
    up the hands that hang down, strengthen the feeble knees. . .