Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankful Again

A while back our family had an experience that I felt like I wanted to share.

My youngest daughter a few weeks ago woke up one morning saying that her ear was hurting.  When I checked there was dried blood around the inside of the ear.  This needless to say freaked me out so I immediately called the doctor and made an appointment.  We took her and they said that there was something in her ear; but were unable to get it out.  They sent me hone with some drops to decrease the inflammation in her ear in hopes that whatever it was would just fall out.  If not then more extensive measures would have to be taken.  They asked me to make an appointment to come back in 3 days.  I spent the next 3 days trying to figure out what in the world she had put in her ear.  No telling!!

While all of this was going on my husband had to leave for Fire School.  He is on the fire rescue team at the plant that he works at; and they have to go for training a couple times a year.  All this was going on and I was so wishing he was at home.

Every night we prayed for Daddy to be safe and for Maya's ear...

Friday was the day...we got to the doctor and she looked in Maya's ear.  She still saw the object in there; but she decided to do an ear wash before she tried anything else.  An ear wash for those that don't know is a spray bottle with a tube attached.  They insert the tube and squeeze water into her ear.  This washes out whatever is in the ear.  She started and low and behold it worked.  She said that whatever it was...she still couldn't tell by looking at it...was gone!!  Praise the LORD!!!

Well...I left the doctor and proceeded to call Phillip to tell him the news.  He answered and then gave me some news that scared me to death...

He said "I'm okay!!" which to me meant prepare yourself...what I'm about to tell you is gonna be bad.  I am driving down the road and he says I got a little burned today.  I said WHAT!!!??  He told me that he was in a burning building (training exercise) and the fire was to hot.  It was hotter than the regulations are for the suits they were wearing.  He said that he could feel the fire burning his hands and the heat on his arms.  He said when the air in his tank got hot  he decided that it was time to get out.  He told the guy behind him to take the lead and he got out.  When he came out his helmet was melted and he had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his hands.  The on site EMT's treated him and then he headed home. 

Phillip holding his helment


Building on fire


Helment Melted

When I hung up the phone all I could think was THANK YOU LORD!!!  While I was focused on Maya's situation the Lord had his eyes on the big picture.  He answered a prayer I hadn't even known needed to be prayed.  He kept his hand on my husband!!! 

That day I felt like the Lord really had his hand on my little family!!  He takes care of us even when we don't know that He is taking care of us!!  What a mighty mighty God we serve!!!

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