Monday, November 7, 2011

12 Years Down...50 more to go!!

Sunday my husband and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary...well kind of ;o)

Sunday morning our daughter woke us up coughing so hard that she got sick.  We thought that she would be fine since she was just really congested from the weather changes.  She was not running a fever or exhibiting any other symptoms so we all got ready for church and went on.  As the band began to play we got about 10 minutes or so into the service and she got sick again.  Poor baby!!!!  Mommy didn't have any changes of clothes so we went home...gave her a bath.  By that time she had gotten sick again and was now running a slight fever.  I was giving a talk to the young ladies in our church that afternoon so Phillip volunteered to stay home with her so I didn't have to cancel. 

I gave my talk and rushed home.  On the way I stopped and bought each girl a balloon and Phillip a card, a balloon; and one of his favorite candy bars.  (Sadly this was to be his only gift that day.) 

As the night progressed she got worse and so we put the girls to bed early.  I finished up some laundry and then we just sat on the couch watching football together. 

As we sat there I thought...out of all this chaos the day ended on such a wonderful note.  Us just spending some time together doing nothing.  Sitting together...remembering a little what it was like before kids.  Don't get me wrong...I wouldn't trade my kids for anything; but sometimes it's nice to just sit.  No words necessary...just sit and hold each other. 

Today...Monday I am thankful for my wonderful...strong...confident man!!  He helps me stay focused and present.  Without him...well...let's not even bother thinking about that!!  He is after all...the man who has exceeded my very dreams!! 

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  1. What a victory. . .could have been a sour day but you added sugar to the problem and enjoyed lemonade. I love you all so very much.

    Some of the sweetest times I can remember in my life are those of holding a sick child in my arms and heart while trying to help them get well. This helped me establish my love not only "for" them. . .but "to" them.

    LORD, help us as a church (mother) to reach out for our "sick kids" and hold them in our arms and hearts as they "throw up" all over us and their own garments. . .to clean them up with your spirit, then cradle them in our arms close to our heart until they are well again. Then at the "end of the day" we too can sit down beside our "groom" and remember how it was when He first swept us off our feet.