Monday, November 21, 2011

The Good Guy Club

To all my Family…and those that might as well be.

I was sitting and thinking Sunday about Matt and Annie’s wedding. I was soooo happy for them. I thought to myself “well good…another one joins the good guy club”.

As I thought about it these words started coming to me:

I would like to raise my glass today to all the good guys. What do I mean you ask? Well, it takes a very special man to love the women in this family. Now before you get offended let me explain!! :D

It takes a very special man to understand, love; and even at times admire the unique breed that we are.

We are a strong, passionate, opinionated, loyal; and headstrong group of women. You know I’m right…why because I of course, am one of you :o) We are more than happy to admit that we are wrong and ask for forgiveness…when we really are. We fight with a passion; and love with that same or even a greater passion. If we are behind you…we are behind you 100%. No backing down; but unfortunately if we are against you…you better pray :o) The Lord is working on this in all of us I am sure. We believe what we believe and we will stand for it against the strongest of opposition.

Now the gentle side…we are loving and gentle. We are thankful, honored; and yes even proud to be wives, mothers, daughters, aunts, sisters; and grandmothers. We take our job seriously and will do our very best to do everything we can to make sure our family has what they need and want. We will stand by our men and defend them to anyone that deems them less than adequate. We don’t have many qualms when it comes to calling on the Lord in a time of need; but sometimes do have to struggle against self-sufficiency.

I could go on and on; but you get my point. It takes a strong, confident; and unique man to love and appreciate the women that we are. They are MANLY men. Not afraid to voice their opinion or authority when needed; but also willing to be a quiet and calming influence for each of us. They are confident in their leadership and not afraid to BE leaders.

You see I have one of these special good guys!! His name is Phillip Wyrick. He is my rock. My strength. My comfort and my joy. I know that you may think WOW he must be something special…well…HE IS!! He has loved me in the good and stayed true even in the bad. When I have been unfair and hurtful, he has forgiven. When I have not thought and said things I didn’t mean he has let the words roll of his back and not held a grudge. And on and on and on…

So, if you are one of these women I am talking about; or if you don’t actually share the same DNA but seem to have the same “specialness” as we do, would you join me today and take a moment to wrap your arms around your good guy? Let him know that you appreciate him loving you and standing by you…even in the midst of all your special quirks!!

Here’s to all the good guys out there!!!

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