Sunday, January 23, 2011

Help Button

I had this silly little thought. You know when you are in a site like FB and you are having trouble with it...there is a little button usually at the bottom of the page that days HELP? I got to thinking about that button and that how if you need help you can just push that little button; and this nice little box pops up with all these different things you may need help with. Sometimes it will give you options or steps to try with that subject. It also gives the option that if your "problem" is not listed below you can run a troubleshooting session on your computer. If that doesn't help there is another option to may need to run a diagnostic test on your computer. I got to thinking about this. Sometimes spiritually when you push that help button your "problem" pops right up with all the directions on how to solve it; but then there are other times when your "problem" is not listed. It's at that time you need to allow the Holy Ghost to run a diagnostic check. Allow it to go down deep and touch that part of you that is malfunctioning. You would be surprised at the problems that can be fixed by just allowing the Holy Ghost free reign in your life.

And that was my thought. =D


1 comment:

  1. I love your "HELP" button thought. It is wonderful to know we can get help from the Lord is so many ways. Thanks for reminding me of this.