Friday, February 11, 2011

30 Days to Encourage Your Husband *Day 3 Update below

I am a person that is very hard on myself.  I feel like I KNOW the teachings of this Body and so that leaves no excuses for mistakes.  I am working on this.  As well as being hard on myself I have realized that I expect the same of my husband and my children.  I know that these are unrealistic expectations and I am working on that as well.  In all of my soul searching the last few months I have realized that I can be very merciful and patient with others; but when it comes to my husband and my children I am critical and harsh.  This realization is nothing short of painful for me.  To realize that you have hurt the people closest to you is heart breaking to say the least.  I have been trying to rebuild this relationship; but have found that sometimes the only thing that I can do is pray and keep my mouth SHUT!!!  I have watched my daughter Sophia and she wants to please me so much and I want her to know more than anything that I love her and accept her.  I have the job as her mother to help shape her confidence in herself.  I want her to believe in herself.  Both of my girls.  And my poor husband...he works so hard to provide not just our needs; but all of our wants.  He does a great job and I spend 90% of my time pointing out his flaws instead of praising him for the good he does.  Lord help me!!  This brings me to the title of this post.  I was online and looking at one of my favorite sight's and this was the article that popped up.

It is something that I think I am going to try.  For the details click on the link; but I wanted to post it in case others were interested. 

I will try to post any interesting things that occur.  Hopefully I will regain the trust and confidence from him that I so desire.  I am determined that if I will let the Lord help me HE WILL!!!  (Per my Aunt Karen =)  He has already so many times before!!

**Day 3 - So far so good.  I have been doing my best to NOT say anything negative to Phillip or about Phillip.  This has been really encouraging because instead of focusing on the negative I have been looking for the positive.  It is amazing how this has changed MY outlook.  We have had a few very pleasant days.  I am excited to see what the rest of the month holds!!


  1. I totally understand your feelings. I wanted my kids and my husband to be all they could be for Jesus; so whatever the Lord asked of me, I thought they should be on the same page. I failed to trust the Lord to talk to their hearts and tried to be their conscience. God has rebuked me for this more than once. It is my job to inspire, not discourage those I love. . .those HE loves.
    I'm not giving up on myself, I want to be the wife, mother, grandmother, friend that HE's called me to be.

    You pray for me and I'll pray for you!
    I say to my soul, "Take Courage! The Lord will make a way somehow." That line in the song you all blessed us with has been such a anchor for me.

  2. This is awesome. I signed up to take the challenge as well. I will be praying for you, please pray for me. I excited to do this and hopefully with the Lords help will be able to.