Thursday, January 20, 2011


As I was driving home yesterday I was singing the song the Lord had given me this weekend.  As I was singing I heard my daughter (Sophia) trying her best to sing along with me.  I stopped to listen and she said "Mom, sing it again".   I began to sing again and then after a few times asked her to sing it for me.  She said " No mom, you sing it with me".   I could hardly sing I was so choked up.  Some of my fondest memories are singing in the car with my mother; and there on that very day I got to sing in the car with my daughter.  It humbled me to hear the words the Lord had allowed me to write down for Him, coming from her mouth.  She loves to sing and I hope that she always holds these songs near to her heart.  The songs of the Body of Christ.  The songs that overflow with this truth that I love and hold so dear.  Right now 2 songs that she sings over and over are "Lord I Want To Go", and "I Came Here To Praise You".  I am so blessed.  Maya also loves to sing.  Right now her favorite song is Veggie Tales or anything that her sister is singing at the time.  She does her very best to sing right along.  I am so very blessed.  Thank you Lord for planting the seeds and Lord help me to help you cultivate them into something that you can use.

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