Thursday, January 26, 2012

Whatever It Takes

We had a really good service last night!!  (Oak Forest 1-15-2012)  Good testimonies and songs, and Bro. Wright did a great job talking about hearing the Lord’s voice and being willing to obey it.  He really lined it out for us. 
Sis. Lydia followed it up by a pretty song with some hard words…”Whatever it takes for my will to break…”
I tend to have a really hard time singing songs like that because I immediately think of my kids and I can hardly hold them and sing “Whatever it takes”.  It’s just too much to even think about.  As I was texting some this last night it’s almost like I am saying “Lord, whatever it takes…that you have to do to me…but not my kids Lord”.  This is something I have always struggled with. 

This morning I was thinking about the service…and about that feeling…the thought hit me…”He’s not requiring that right now.”   I felt the HOLY GHOST all over!!!  He is not requiring that of me right now.  What is the Lord asking me to do RIGHT NOW??  It’s not the big bad hard things right now.  It’s the little things.  Things that should be easy to do.
He’s requiring me to turn off the television…turn off the computer…read more…pray more…be kinder to my children…to my husband…watch how I respond to things…these are some of the things the Lord is dealing with me about right now.   

Instead of getting so distracted by all the things the Lord MIGHT require of me someday I need to focus on the things He IS requiring right now.  They are not big in the grand scheme of things; but really they are because if I can’t obey in these little things I for sure won’t be able to obey when the BIG things come around.  I need to instead   1) Listen for the Lord’s voice in my life   2) OBEY – not try to talk myself out of it, or ignore it till it goes away; but OBEY!!! 

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