Sunday, October 2, 2011

Time Slipping Away

Tonight I was wrestling around with my little ones and the thought hit me..."how much time I have wasted worrying about trivial things".  Yes a clean house, clean clothes, etc...IS important; but how that I have allowed myself to become so frustrated in this area that sometimes I have forgotten to just ENJOY my children.  Sometimes just shoving them out of the way so I can have "ME" time.  The contrast to tonight playing and laughing with them was so glaring!!  As we rolled around on the floor laughing and playing I thought about how much fun I was having. 

I tend to get so caught up in the "The first five years are the most important years of your child's life" complex that I forget to have fun with them, hold them, love on them, play with them.  Instead of trying to make them into perfect little robots I need to just relax and LIVE.  Opportunities to teach them will present themselves.  Life will see to that...the Lord will see to that.  WOW!!!  It's a shame I am just realizing this as my oldest will soon be turning 4.

As I held and prayed with my kids tonight I thought what perfect little jewels I have been given.

My oldest is so loving and craves nothing; but my attention.  Yes this can be exhausting at times; but what an easy thing to give her.  Doesn't require money or some big to do!!  The things that make her happy are when I reach out and grab her hand or take the time to hold her tight.  How precious a gift to be given someone that loves to just be with me.  How fortunate I am to have the chance to love and be loved.

My youngest is loving as well; but instead loves you to play with her.  She loves to wrestle and tickle and read and play.  She also loves to spend time with me; but in a different way.  Setting up the table and playing tea party or dress up or babies makes her face shine with joy.  This also can be something that takes up a lot of my time; but what better use of my time then watching my children grow and learn.  How blessed the Lord has made me to give me someone to play with and learn from.

Tonight as my children sleep in the other room I feel my need ever more to lay down my life for them and my husband.  To put aside my "ideas" about life and just LIVE the wonderful life I have been given.  Help me Lord to take it one day at a time and hold onto the moments I have been given.  Not to stress out about "making" them into good girls; but instead to realize that they "ARE" good girls and take the teaching opportunities as they come.  To understand that my job is to teach, to guide; and to encourage WITH LOVE.  

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