Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Power of Prayer

Something I've been thinking about tonight.  I overheard a younger woman asking a little bit older woman what bit of advice they would give a newly married couple.  As she was speaking my heart screamed out within me LEARN HOW TO PRAY.  Not that marriage is all difficulties (some parts are); but it is so important to develop that relationship with the Lord so that when the hard times come you know right where to go.  I felt like shouting it from the roof tops.  Don't be timid about calling on the name of the Lord.  He is the one that can make the difference between a marriage surviving or failing.  I know this for a fact.  I have failed to use this tool as often as I should and have lived to regret it severely sometimes!!!  You may not always have time to take an hour to pray; but if you've spent time doing that when you DO have time you will be able to tap into that strength and connection at a moments notice.  I wish I could get over how important this is by just writing it.

PRAY   PRAY   PRAY   PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I love to read and have gained a lot of knowledge about life from books; but I have also found in marriage and in parenting that if I will take the time to talk to the Lord He will without fail lead me in the right direction.  He will give me the answer I need if I will go to Him.  When all else fails ask the Master.

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  1. Good advice. . .Uncle Tom said today the trouble
    isn't about people praying for themselves too much. . .but about failing to pray enough.

    Continual communication with the Lord daily is the key. . .in prayer. . .in reading. . .in thought. . .in song. . .in praise. . .in our walk. . .acknowledge Him and He will direct!

    You are a precious young lady. I love you.