Monday, October 17, 2011

My Little Bit turns 4

Today I have been reflecting a lot.  My oldest has turned 4 today and I am just thinking how blessed and thankful I am she is in my life.  I am not the greatest parent and she has been very patient with me while I learned; but when she tells me I Love You Momma...melts my heart.  I literally have 10,000 pics; but here is a little review in pics. 





On the road home

Her foot to Phillip's thumb

Today at 4.

Well ain't God good!! 
To give us so many blessings
Undeserved that's what we are.
We ought to praise Him
Love and thank Him.
A little more today
And a whole lot more tomorrow!!!

She spent 17 days in the hospital.  It would take a year to tell everything that happened in those 17 days; but suffice it to say the Lord watched over our little girl and has continued to watch over her.  I ask the Lord often to make her a pillar in the house of the Lord.  I think He does have a special place for her someday.  As well as her little sister :o)

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  1. Oh wow! My heart too is overflowing just looking at those pictures. . .remembering the
    minutes we sat in the waiting room praying for
    our girl, Davita and this little new one on the way. I remember Janet getting the call from her that they were putting her in the hospital
    right then and Janet saying, "I'm on my way!"
    Oh the wonderful love that weaves families together! How blessed we are!

    Happy Birthday Sophie! You are a very special
    girl. . .you have very special parents and a
    one of a kind sister. I too pray you will be a pillar in the house of the Lord.