Monday, September 5, 2011

WHY I Fight

Sometimes I ask myself “why do I even try”?

Today I was thinking about that and some answers started coming to me…

WHY I Fight?

I am fighting for:    A marriage that this world says that I don’t even have to if I don’t want to.

I am fighting for:    Children that this world says their generation isn’t even worth it anymore.

I am fighting for:    A salvation that this world says doesn’t exist and the devil tries to convince me daily that I will never obtain.

I am fighting for:    A life that this world does everything it can to destroy by promoting and pouring corruption into every aspect of our daily lives.

I am fighting for:    The right to worship the Lord in everything that I do.

I am sure that there are many more; but these are some of the reasons why I get up and try again every day. These are reasons why I bow my knees in prayer for strength to be what the Lord has asked me to be. These are reasons why I take the time every day to open my Bible and search for the nourishment that will help me make it that day.

Day in and day out these are the reasons why I try.


  1. Very good and true thoughts. We're in a different kind of fight/war.

    "So we must fight, be brave, against all evil..."

    and (new verses to the reason I'm in this church)

    "the reason I'm in this fight, is I don't wanna be lost (etc.)"
    "the reason I kneel in prayer, is I don't wanna be lost (etc.)"

  2. and... thank you for the reminder. It is so easy to get started on my day without "girding myself" and drawing from the strength that is available to us. It is a constant battle.

    Elder Sis. Leniger says that, "we can't afford to not take the time to pray."

    I like that saying, "A day hemmed in prayer, seldom unravels."

  3. Thanks for the reminder. This world (day and time) we are living in is different and we do have to fight to stay in the Lord's Army. :o)