Monday, September 26, 2011

Today has been a good day!! Lastnight we heard about the promises of God and that if we believe on them He promises not to fail to reward. We sang "He That Overcometh", "He That Believeth", and "I Believe In a God". I don't remember ever feeling the Lord back something up so strongly. It seemed like He was telling all of us "You CAN do this!!! Just believe in the promises I have given you. They ARE true...I WILL NOT fail!!!" Then to back that up Bro. Brown gave a WONDERFUL message!!!! Words can not even describe how much I gained from this service. As he walked us through the Bible I felt my mind just open up and take it all in!! It changing!! Then today I felt the Lord saying "Keep believing." I would come to a situation and the words JUST BELIEVE echoed in my heart!!! He helped me every step of the way!!! I also had this song come to me as I was praying.

"We have a wonderful Savior. He's on His throne. He will never forsake us. Nor leave us alone. He gave a wonderful promise. HE CANNOT FAIL. And by His SPIRIT we SHALL prevail!!!!!"

I recommend ordering the service - Humble 9-25-2011

Sis. Laura Walters can help you out :o)

When you know the tricks used against you, then you know just what weapon to use to fight back with. Today I used Reading, Prayer, and Songs.

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