Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 1 of 3 Day Potty Training for My Last Little One

Well today is my baby's first official day of potty training.  She is 2 years and 5 months old.  She really hasn't shown a lot of interest; but I thought I would try it anyway. 

She woke up this morning and I told her "No more pull ups".  At first she fought me a little about having to go without a diaper...she said her hiney was cold LOL!!!  After I put a pair of leggings on her she was fine.  I then proceeded to pump her full of juice.  Some say to limit their juice intake; but I have found that they learn what it feels like to need to go quicker when it is happening more often.  It worked for Sophia so why not try it again.  She had about 4 accidents and each time I would holler RUN TO THE POTTY...RUN RUN RUN!!!  :o)  I'm sure we looked quite ridiculous; but there she would go...full speed... going potty all the way with mommy and big sister close behind!!!!  LOL.
After a few times of this she shocked me by just jumping up...she said she had to go potty...took off running...and made it to the potty!!!  After which she received a special "Potty Dance" courtesy of her mom and big sister!!!  She then got a couple M&M's after for doing such a good job. 

She has sense gone #2 as well today.  I did have to take her and encourage her to do it when I could tell she needed to; but we'll worry about her feeling that tomorrow.  For now I wanted her just to go since I know some kids are a little scared of that part.

She is down for a nap (which I am sure she probably will not make it through without an accident; but she may surprise me) and so far so good. 

I did pray for both of us this morning...that I could be patient and that she could get the concept down.  Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer in the little things :o)

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