Sunday, September 11, 2011

Was asked at a wedding if I had any advice for the new couple.  I thought to myself YES let me write you a book of all the lessons I have learned from the things I have done wrong in 12 years; but one thing struck me as very important. 

Learn to stop and listen and to be willing to say your sorry when needed.  Try not to discuss things in the heat of the moment.  Give the Lord room to deal with you and try to listen for his leading in any "discussion" you are having. 

Phillip and I are both very hot tempered and sometimes just fly off the handle at each other.  That is when darts are thrown instead of charity being practiced.  We both fail at restraint sometimes (a lot of the time); but are learning that when we really slow down and do our best not to injure each other in the process we get a lot more accomplished.  Things, issues; and misunderstandings can be resolved when both parties are willing to stop and really listen to the words the other person is saying...without injecting our own feelings into the situation. 

When you can admit to each other when you've done something wrong and really trust that they wont use it against you, your walk is so much sweeter :o)  You love each other.  You are both doing your best to serve the Lord.  Sometimes it is easy to be "ALL YOURSELF" with the one you love and you forget that he/she is also your brother/sister in the Lord.  If there is anyone that you are to do your best to show charity practice the things you've been taught on how to treat someone it should be your best friend...your traveling partner...your spouse.

We of course are NOT there yet at all; but we are learning together.    

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