Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Oil in my Lamp

Tonight Bro. Troy Coldwater was up speaking.  I didn’t get to hear the beginning of his talk because I was out with the girls; but the part I heard was too good not to share. 

He mentioned the 10 virgins in Matthew 25.  I have heard this taught all my life; but he said something that really jumped out to me.  He said that the 5 foolish virgins’ lamps WENT out.  He said that meant they at one time HAD oil in their lamp; but that they didn’t store any up.  I believe the Bible says that “…the foolish TOOK their lamps, and took NO OIL with them…”; but the wise “…took oil IN their vessels WITH their lamps…”. 

Talk about a revelation!!  Like I said I have heard this preached my whole life and never heard it preached so simple; but yet so TECHNICAL.  When you read that passage with that understanding I felt like it opened up more and more to me.  I kept adding more and more to it.    

He said that you have to STAY praying…STAY seeking the Lord…STAY reading…

He said you can’t put in for vacation time…wow how many times, have I said that “Lord I just need a little break…”!!  Shame on me!! 

He said you must get to a place in your life where IT IS OUR LIFE…it’s just WHAT WE DO…

I’m sorry to say that I know what it means to have my lamp running low on oil.  I know what it means to not have enough oil to see me through a trial and have to “hurry up” and try to find the strength I need to make it through.  He talked about being a sprinter…I never thought of it this way; but a sprinter has these HUGE bursts of energy…so much so that when they are done with their part of a race they aren’t worth very much because they used everything they had to reach their goal.  Instead of storing energy like a long distance runner they just blow it all on a 100 meters. 

Kind of like becoming weary in well fast do I become weary in well doing?  Do I have enough “stored up” to keep doing right, and keep doing right, and keep doing right all the way…until my nature is fully changed; or do I run out ½ way through and give up because there’s nothing else there holding me?  WOWIE!! 

I have questioned this myself before why I do good for a while, and then just seem to tank so easily?  Maybe because in trying to run this marathon of a race we are in, I have at times been sprinting instead.  Lord help me. 

Hmmm my mind is full tonight with so much to think on.  Thank you Lord for letting me see, now Lord help me to apply…apply…apply!!!

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