Thursday, November 14, 2013


Sometimes the Lord gives mother’s and daughter’s moments that …well you have to write down :0)

Tonight before bed I began to tell my girls how thankful I am that they are my little girls. 

I took 2’s hand first and told her that I loved her so much.  As she listened she didn’t move a muscle and, focused on every word I said.  I told her that she was so smart, and sweet; and how that she sometimes was silly.  She always made people smile and made people happy.  She smiled as big as the world and hugged me tight.

Next I took 1’s hand…as I talked she tucked her head kind of embarrassed like.  I could tell that it was something she needed to hear.  I told her how much I loved her and how that she was so caring and kind and how that I loved watching her grow up.  I loved how that she was learning to be a good mom by loving her baby dolls and that she meant so much to me. 
I found myself holding back tears as I explained my feelings to them.  2 in her way began to tell me how much she loved me.  She said that she was thankful for all the things that I did for her…for the good food I make them…for the things we buy her…and then hugged me tight.  Even though 1 didn’t express her feelings in words I could tell in the shy way she looked at me and the way she clung to me after that she felt the same. 

Sometimes you wonder in life if you as a mom have ruined your children or if you have messed them up in some way by all your failures…then in the midst of all that the Lord gives you little glimpses of how wonderful your children already are.  In all our daily training sessions…in all our character development…in all the correction we feel we need to do it is nice to have moments of clarity, when you can see how wonderfully innocent and trusting and GOOD your children really are!!      



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