Friday, April 26, 2013


Sometimes the Lord says NO…

Sometimes we get a wait…sometimes a yes…sometimes it’s not the right time; but sometimes He just says no.  Sometimes to things we want…places we want to go…our own ideas…relationships…OUR plan for our life.  He always can see the bigger picture…even if when He tells us no, we may not see it at all.      

I think for the most part the no’s have been small and easy to comply with…maybe because I can see Him working and I understand that His way is best.  At those times I could almost feel the Lord backing me up as I let go.  I knew without a shadow of doubt that it was the right thing for me to do.  There are other times (like I told someone the other day) that He knows that it’s really going to hurt so that band aid can’t be just ripped off; but it has to be taken off slowly…so it causes less damage :0) 

I feel like for a while I have been in the process of having one of those band aid’s removed.  The story would take forever to go into; but suffice it to say I had an experience where I felt that last little piece of adhesive snap.  The only thing I felt at the time was sadness.  It’s one of those things that I really didn’t see the harm in it until the Lord began to show me how much of my attention I was giving it.  It consumed my thoughts…my emotions…everything almost.  I couldn’t find the joy in my own life because I was always worried about it.  I know…your curiosity is up :0) 
I can see the path that the Lord has led us on for the last couple of years…I’ve testified about some of it…and in the middle of it you couldn’t have told me that this is where I would be.  I wouldn’t have believed you and I would’ve been terrified…but as faithful as the Lord is He allowed me to go through in baby steps…comforting me…encouraging me…and letting me know that most of all He is there and always will be. 

I know that the process of overcoming is hard; (He never promised that it would be easy…He did promised that it would be worth it) but I know I can make it!!  I know without a shadow of a doubt if I will keep putting one foot in front of the other…and keep my hand in His…that He will shine a light of truth on my path and one day I will step into the fulfillment of His promise for me!!  I may not be able to see everything that I will walk through and at the time I may feel like whining all the way; but if I can just keep going…keep striving…keep working…keep pressing…I will understand it all when I make it through.  I have to trust those little nudges the Lord gives me and trust the hand that I feel in my back…and trust that HE knows exactly what I need. 

I’ve included a song that the Lord gave me during this…it was a hard one to write down and even harder to sing; but I believe it is my heart.  I’ve tried it my way and my way just doesn’t work.  I’d like to try it His way.  Even if sometimes He says no :0)

Where He Leads

Ch.         I thought I could be what I wanted to be

                I thought I could build what I wanted to build

                But life’s sinking sand has taught me this

                That to be where He leads is where I want to be.

V1.         On this road I’ve gone I’ve learned many things

                I’ve seen joys and peace and many splendid things

                But one thing I’ve learned more than anything

                That without the Lord I can’t do anything

V2.         The pleasures of life can deceive for sure

                For just a small time your peace will endure

                But once they are done and your joy is gone

                You will seek for the one your soul to restore.

V3.         To be in His will more than ever before

                To know without doubt that my heart is pure

                A spirit within that will not sin

                And a life that lives to glorify Him.

D W  Feb. 2013

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