Tuesday, April 2, 2013

You Have Learned Well

A little poem I wrote today after watching my kiddos play...
You have learned well
My little one,
The words I speak,
My "special" tone.
You have learned
To get your way,
No matter what
The world may say.
You have learned
To stomp and cry,
And not give in
Without a whine.
You have learned
By being nice,
That sometimes others
Pay a price.
As I reflect
and self-inspect,
And watch the child
Who plays and smiles.
Your teacher was
Not man you see,
Your teacher has
always been me.
I know it's not a sweet happy little poem; but one that made me think for sure.
What is it that I am teaching my child by what I do.
Am I planting seeds of a character that she will have to pluck up later.
I know that each of our children are born with their own nature; but what am I
planting in their little gardens?  Am I planting more good than bad?
Are there things that I can do better to SHOW my children my faith?
Just some ponderings for the day :0)

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