Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I was praying about some things this morning.  I had a lot of confusion going on in my head and just that feeling of wanting to push everything out and get a better perspective.  I was praying and telling the Lord I don't know about this situation and I don't know about that one; but YOU do. 
As I was praying a little chorus we sing all the time popped in my head:

"I'm depending on You Lord, to carry me through.
You're the one who can help me, my mind to renew.
By the power of Your spirit, all things I can do.
I'm depending on You Lord, to carry me through."

I wrote down in my journal: There are things I don't understand in life.  Things that are too big for me.  In those things I'm depending on the Lord to carry me thru.  I'm depending on Him to let me know what concerns me and what doesn't.  I'm trusting Him to help me not put my hands to matters that are not mine to touch.  Lord keep my eyes stayed on you.

After that this little thought came to mind:

There's a little path I'm on...the Lord and me.
A path laid out that's just for me.
When I began to deviate from this path,
Question the path; or forget the path
That's when distractions set in.
I begin to doubt the path,
Worry about the path; and lose the path.
But if I can remember the path of the Lord and me,
Safe and steady my path will be.

Lord keep my eyes stayed on thee!!! 

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